fake yeezy sply 350:Why are coconut shoes so popular, and what’s so good about them


About coconut fake yeezy sply 350 shoes, many people may have a lot of questions, why its shape strange, why sell so expensive or a lot of people wear it… To sum up, for those who have not been on foot, coconut is an extremely mysterious light luxury sneaker, so how much do you know about coconut, and what should you pay attention to if you want to buy it, these are questions worth discussing.

Because the modelling of cute, simple light shoe body and feedback good comfort, make coconut fake yeezy sply 350 shoes on the market for nearly two years one of the hottest sports recreational shoe kind, but because of the existence of the mystery, some of these important details are not known by people, and these factors on coconut to choose shoes also has very important reference significance.

In 2015, famous American singer Kanye West teamed up with adidas to launch the YEEZY 350 BOOST and the YEEZY 750 BOOST, which blew up the whole trend world! Thanks to the fan effect of kanye and the halo of limited release, kanye immediately entered the shopping cart of all fashionable people.

So did the price of adidas fake yeezy sply 350 YEEZY. Now a pair of zebra-colored YEEZY has reached about 8,000 yuan. Nowadays, coconut shoes have become a synonym for fashion and style. It seems that they have a special fashion temperament after wearing them.

Coconut shoes the first impression that gives a person is to blame, as for where is the monster, first of all, must be a strange shape, the appearance of coconut shoes is not like ordinary sports recreational shoe, its general shoe body partial round, flat, no edges and corners and not streamlined design, but on foot after you will find that the coconut joint and wrap is excellent, and this is the result that style strange but the appearance of ergonomic design.

Next is the sole of coconut shoe and vamp, actually the integral modelling of coconut is very simple,fake yeezy sply 350 no more than one body type braid vamp deserves to go up a bubble medium bottom. The outer bottom is the frame’s simple translucent elastomer, which wraps the inside bottom of Boost perfectly, keeping maximum cushioning elasticity while also making the shoe lighter.

As for the foot experience of coconut shoes, the first thing worth mentioning is the convenience of wearing. The mouth of coconut shoes is relatively wide, and the upper is relatively low. The advantage of this feature is that it can bring the effect of slimming body and showing thin legs, no matter it is matched with the pants of small feet or other pants.

Another point is the popular nowadays about coconut shoes “feel like shit”, although it is more popular,fake yeezy sply 350 but it is not rough. Because of the combination of the bottom of Boost foam and soft rubber outsole, each landing can bring extremely high resilience and fit, and the overall comfort is excellent.

Yeezy 350 pure white

The all-in-one pure white fabric mesh surface injected with ultra-strength and dirt resistant technology creates a simple and smooth appearance and versatile features. The penetrating LACES are of great innovative significance and bring good tightness and  fake yeezy sply 350 wrapping.

Yeezy 350 white zebra

The smart and lovely zebra pattern color scheme gives the high fashion sense to the shoes. The ergonomic design combined with the shape of the feet perfectly guarantees the tightness of the feet.

Yeezy 500

The whole is presented with grey and white, the vamp adopts leather, synthetic material and mesh combination and collocation, the details are supplemented by foam, with a unique streamlined outsole, the overall shape is full of retro style, and overall it is a fake yeezy sply 350 pair of very good high-end casual sneakers.

Yeezy 700

This pair of Yeezy 700 USES 3M reflection holder on the vamp. The design of the shoe is full of retro sense. The color Mosaic and material layer are the highlights of the shoe.

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