real yeezy boost:Adidas first sold 50,000 pairs of coconut shoes in 1.5 hours at Tmall

Recently, adidas real yeezy boost announced that the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 “Triple White”, a key market, will be released for the first time on Tmall.

Tmall’s sales figures were even higher than itself, according to sources.

The timing of the launch may have put adidas in competition with longtime rival Nike: sales in greater China were up 27 percent in the prior report, with sales growth of more than 20 real yeezy boost percent for 10 consecutive quarters. And just a few days ago, Nike released its latest earnings report, and its greater China region also had a brilliant performance, which not only topped $5 billion in revenue for the first time, but also recorded 16 consecutive quarters of double-digit growth.

The rivalry between the two giants will intensify as earnings reports follow. Industry analysts point out that the Chinese market will become a new battleground between the two brands. And Tmall is a huge market that both sides have to grab.

The YEEZY shoe, dubbed “coconut” by fans as one of adidas’s top-of-the-line products, was previously only available for members to buy on the company’s website and was sold every time. And, according to sneaker lovers, most of those shoes go to well-informed scalpers, who sell them for many times more than the item itself.

Therefore, in order to┬áreal yeezy boost grab a pair of genuine coconut shoes with a customer price of nearly 2,000 yuan, coconut powder needs to set an alarm clock ahead of time to make a good strategy, and at any time to prevent the official website server from collapsing due to the massive influx of users. And this year because it’s available at Tmall, that’s no longer the case. Not long ago, Tmall just launched a fashion shoe queuing system, consumers can fairly shake the number to get the qualification of buying fashion shoes, and when the goods go online, buy again.

The strong sales of coconut real yeezy boost shoes on Tmall means that adidas is forward-looking in its marketing strategy. Compared with Nike, which has been sluggish in recent years in fashion shoes, coconut shoes firmly occupy the market with the largest consumption power and are still the benchmark of the most fashionable sneakers.

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